Mission / Vision


To place excellence and fair play at the core of building and business processes and deliver enduring value to customers, in the form of outstanding residential and commercial spaces.


I ventured into building and developing properties in 1987. My company’s core focus was and still remains,developing tenanted properties, in South Mumbai. But, I had discovered to my dismay that, people preferred to stay in dilapidated buildings, rather than opt for redevelopment, as the relationship between tenants, landlords and builders was marked by a lack of trust.

I was of the firm belief that, building and developing properties was a collaborative activity. To facilitate this, I placed trust, transparency and timeliness at the centre my company’s vision.Since then, these norms have been strictly adhered to, while dealing with people and professionals involved in a project. I also knew that, more than constructing a residential complex;I was creating new opportunities for a better life. Thus, optimizing the power ofstrategic location, modern technology, and design excellence also became a crucial part of Sanghvi Group’s vision.

A natural corollary of this vision also comprised structural durability, aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics. These factors ensured that, all projects were people–centric. They have fittingly won, over the years, immense goodwill for the Sanghvi Group. For us, ‘People first’ has always has been a cherished and winning maxim.

My concept of ‘people’ also included the personnel of my company. I know that, the success of our group will always be, an aggregate of their efforts. Thus, choosing dedicated personnel, who will strive towards actualizing our goals, has also been a part of our group’s vision. I will sum-up this vision as such: A value based philosophy, with ethics and excellence at its heart, aimed at unlocking and enhancing value for all people involved in a project, to saffect their lives, in a positive manner. This evolved vision will continue to inspire and guide us in the future.